Monday, January 19, 2009

One Little Click

With one little click of the mouse, our computer changed forever, and to some extent, it was more than just our computer; it was symbolic of a change in our lives as well. Earlier this evening, I deactivated Levi's CaringBridge website. That was very difficult to do, because it held so many memories for our family, however it was a necessary part of moving on.

CaringBridge provides a lifeline to many people, who are dealing with serious health issues in their families, and it provided that lifeline to us as well. With that said, both Carrie and I felt that we needed to move on from CaringBridge and find another home that would allow us an outlet to feel comfortable to post things about our entire family, while still having the opportunity to have the support of our CaringBridge friends and family. We just didn't feel that CaringBridge was the appropriate venue for normal everyday blogging; it was like we felt a necessity to bring Levi into every update just because we were on CaringBridge. I hope that makes things a little clearer to everyone. If not, feel free to post a response to the blog or send me an email. We hope that everyone does continue to support us and pays attention to this blog.

Anyway, we got Hannah's 2-week pictures taken today (a day early, but momma wanted to be there, and since I was off work...) The 2 pics above are some that were taken today. If you want to see more, let me know.
One more thing, Carrie is returning to school tomorrow, so keep her in prayers, since she hasn't been back since right before Christmas. She may just have forgotten how to teach (probably not, but you never know). I know that she is a little worried about being sore or in pain, so pray that she does well. Thank you all for your prayers.


  1. I think it makes total sense to transition to something like a general blog, and I don't think it diminishes Levi or his story in any way.

    Hannah is adorable... and here's hoping Carrie's first day back goes well.

  2. The pictures are beautiful. I hope Clara isn't spoiling her too much. Keep loving her and also remember the love of Levi. We love you alot aunt sue

  3. Hannah is Gorgeous! I pray that as your lives go on that you'll find joy. Levi was an important part of your lives, but even he would probably wish to not be dwelled on as a tragedy. I pray you find joy in your lives as you move on and enjoy Hannah.