Sunday, February 28, 2010

Barely under the wire

Wow! It has been a busy month, but we are updating this month, like we said we would. Wish it were more, but time sure flies with 4 kids and multiple activities.

Arthur just started with Civil Air Patrol on Thursday nights, so he now has something going on every night but Monday and Friday. He just got selected to the ETS II area group, which has extra activities once a month, as well as a meeting once a week at school. The purpose of the program is to give kids in lower income areas opportunities they might not otherwise get. Fro example, he has the opportunity to go to the Challenger Learning Center for a hands-on space simulation next month, and there are plays and musicals that they are able to attend as well. We think it will be a beneficial program for him.

All 3 older kids have AWANA on Wednesday nights, and yesterday was their annual Pinewood derby. Caleb was excited when he won his race (first car in the family to win after 2 years), but he got a little too upset when his car lost later. Maybe next year we'll figure out the best combo of design and speed. We have lots of pictures that we'll post tomorrow.

Hannah is finally getting the hang of walking, or at least getting a lot better at it. She takes 5-10 steps at a time, and she'll take a whole lot more when she steps from side to side.

I started working for the census on Friday, and right now it's really boring. I go to the library and sit for 3 hours waiting on someone to come in and ask about the census. Once people get their forms, they can come in and ask for help filling them out. If you ask me, it's a waste of tax money, but I'm not going to complain about receiving a little bit of the waste. Better me than the banks, I guess.

We're still not completely done with the audit, but it didn't end up having an impact on our refund this year, so I think that's why there's been a little bit of a delay in completing it. When I last spoke to him, there was a chance that we would owe about $500, which isn't good, but I'm surprised that it wasn't more because there was so much that went on that year (2008).

Anyway, thanks for coming and reading our update, and we'll try to post more next month.