Monday, May 31, 2010

Remember...It's Hot

Today we went to a Memorial Day service at the old country church north of town and it was an enjoyable day. For the first time in a while, we actually took time to remember the true reason for today, and then eat. I see no reason wrong with picnics and cookouts, as long as we take time to remember the lives lost to give us our freedom. I guess that's why I was a little frustrated with our president: it wasn't that he went to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery instead of Arlington; it's that his going to any cemetery at all seemed like an afterthought. And I really don't care if other presidents have done the same thing; just because somebody else made the mistake, doesn't mean it's ok for another to make the same error. Ok, enough politics for now.

Anyway, the house that we are renting doesn't have central air, so we are making our annual, "how long can we hold out before putting the window units in" discussion. Once they're in, they're in until September, and we'd like to hold out until we really need them, but man, it sure feels like we need them now. It's not that it's incredibly hot, just incredibly sticky, and we haven't got a drop of rain, while St. Louis is getting hammered with rain.

The kids completed another year of school and all will be moving up a grade. Arthur was named a Presidential Education Award winner, so we are quite proud of him and are looking forward to great things from him as he enters Junior High. He is going to start going to the weight room 2-3 times a week next week, as he gets ready for football in the fall.

Caleb went on a field trip almost every day during the last 2 weeks of school. He went on one for AR (for reading a lot of books), for attendance, for his class trip, and for all of school. He is looking forward to third grade and his last year of elementary school.

Clara graduated from kindergarten, which is a really big deal around here. The program was very cute, and it was also very hot since it was held in the non-air conditioned gymnasium. If she wasn't so mouthy, she'd be a great kid, but we love her lots.

Hannah is running and jumping and climbing and generally getting in lots of trouble. Yesterday at church, she decided she wanted to go outside between Sunday School and Worship, so I allowed her to do so. Unfortunately, she started running full speed down the cement wheelchair ramp, and yes, she fell flat on her face about halfway down the ramp. She skinned her nose up pretty badly and also took a little off her forehead. I'll try to take a picture and post it tomorrow.

Anyway, that's what's new around here, and we will try harder to post more often.