Monday, September 21, 2009

Time for a new post

Wow, it happened again. 1 month in between posts (Ok, it's more but who's counting?) Anyway, a lot has happened in the last month, but I'm not sure how much of it is blog-worthy. Decide for yourselves.

School started back up a month ago, and all 3 kids are doing great. Carrie, not so much. There's just a ton of paperwork and other things that have to be done, and so the reasons she started teaching in the first place aren't as easily apparent as they were back then. Keep her in prayer, because she's already drained every night, and it's not even October yet.

As for me and my sub teaching adventure, it hasn't happened yet. I filled all my paperwork and turned it in the day after the July board meeting, so that I could be approved at the August board meeting, but the state said they were waiting on my background check. By the end of August, I called the state myself to see what the hangup was. Long story short, the identity check place lost my fingerprints. They had a record of me making the appointment, keeping the appointment, and being fingerprinted; there just weren't any prints. They paid for me to go back and get it redone, and the results were back before the September board meeting, and as far as I know, I was approved, but I haven't gotten any calls to sub yet during the last week. I'm going to go to some other area districts tomorrow to get the ball rolling there, so pray that I'll get 2 to 3 opportunities a week so that we can get some extra income coming in. It's not "necessary," but it would help it getting the rest of Hannah's medical bills taking care of, getting me on insurance, and getting our car paid off before it falls apart and dies.

The MercyMe concert was awesome, and so was the day at Six Flags. The weather was actually too cold to go into the water park, which ended up being a point of contention between me and everyone else, since they were all geared up for the water park, but the rain held off, and we had lots of fun. If you have never heard MercyMe, they are great, and the testimony behind the songs is great as well, especially Bring the Rain.

Now to the part where I hope that no one from our old church is reading, because I don't want to step on toes or rehash old thoughts, but doggone it, I'm upset. Yesterday, we went to a potluck dinner at an old country church about 5 miles north of where I used to preach, so on the way home, we decided that we were going to pull into the cemetery. As we pulled off the road to go to church, it was obvious that something was going on there, so we decided to turn around and head home. I know that there would be some who would ask, "Why didn't you go ahead and go to the grave, because you know you're always welcome here?" That's just the point; we're not welcome there, and I'm not sure that we really ever were. I know I'm responding to what I feel would be asked instead of what has actually been said, but still, I know from past experience, that this is there normal coversation. As much as I hate to move for the kids, there's a part of me that is feeling that for Carrie and I's sanity, we need to move. That begs the questions of where to and for what other reason? I mean, I'm not certain about preaching again, and I know a 2 gaps of 2+ years without preaching within a 6 year span don't look good on a resume, so I am really at a loss as to what to do and where to go. Pray that we will see God's direction in all of this: career change or not, move or not, Carrie continue teaching here or not. Maybe yesterday was the gentle tap on the shoulder that will be followed by a huge blow to the noggin if I don't listen. I don't know, but I genuinely pray that God will show me soon, so that we can begin planning what to do.